This Is What Pankaj Tripathi has to Say To All The Fathers Out There

Pankaj Tripathi To Fathers, Pankaj Tripathi Beti Bachao
One man from Bollywood who has broken the mould of how a male lead should be is undoubtedly Pankaj Tripathi. He is much loved not just for his excellent acting skill but also because of his unassuming persona. Tripathi who is a father to a young girl spoke to us about why “Beti Bachao se zaada zaruri hai bete ko samjao aur bete ko behatareen admi banao”. Some snippets from the conversation. Pankaj Tripathi To Fathers

The Mimi actor believes that change has to first start at home to take it to the world. Tripathi who several of his roles deviated from the stereotype of an Indian father-patriarch agrees that his relationship with his daughter almost reflects the on-screen relationship, they share a great bond and frankness. While he would never encourage her to smoke simply because it is unhealthy, Mridula Tripathi his wife says, “I always say every daughter should have a father like him. She is the sole purpose of his life.”

The father-daughter duo are avid readers and the share and discuss everything. No subject is out of bounds and there is no hesitation between them.

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So what does the actor have to say to all the daddy’s out there?

Tripathi says, “If we want change then the change has to start at home, we have to try to change, change the ethos of the family we belong to, then gradually the world will change too. People are educated and progressive to understand the need for change.”

“Sometimes it bothers me a bit, that we bring up a daughter and a son differently. I understand that sometimes it stems from concern. We let a boy go out to play but not do the same for a girl. Yes, they should get the freedom to do what they want,” the actor shares.

He finally adds, “That more than Beti Bachao” it is important to “bete ko samjao aur bete ko behatareen admi banao” then we won’t need to save our daughters anymore.

Pankaj Triathi says “Bete ko samjao aur bete ko behatareen admi banao” : 

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