Is Priyanka Gandhi Going To Be Congress’s CM Candidate For UP Election 2022?

Priyanka Gandhi As UP Chief Minister, Priyanka Gandhi Farmers Protest
The Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi has been spearheading the party’s election campaign in Uttar Pradesh for the upcoming Assembly elections in the state. The polling begins on February 10 and the counting will take place on March 10 this year. As the anticipation about which party will emerge as a winner and who will be the next Chief Minister of the state continues, Priyanka Gandhi threw a surprise on Congress’s Chief Ministerial candidate for the state. Priyanka Gandhi As UP Chief Minister Candidate? Is it true? Here is what we know.

Priyanka Gandhi was presenting the youth manifesto of the Congress party for the upcoming elections. When she was asked the question about the party’s CM candidate. Gandhi replied, “Do you see any other face in the UP Congress party? Then?” This has sparked speculation on whether she is going to be the candidate.

Priyanka Gandhi As UP CM?

On being pressed further for a definitive reply, she said, “You can see my face, can’t you?”  However, there is no confirmation whether Gandhi is going to make her debut. However, our system allows a person to be the chief minister even without contesting the elections, they have to prove the majority in the assembly.

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In the past too, Yogi Adityanath and Akhilesh Yadav have not contested the elections. They are chief ministerial candidates of their respective political parties – BJP and the Samajwadi Party. Though, this time they will be contesting elections. Adityanath from Gorakhpur and Yadav from Karhal seat in Manipuri, Central UP. This is the constituency from where his father Mulayam Singh Yadav got elected to Lok Sabha.

In past, Gandhi said, “If such circumstances arise we would be open to considering that. If such a situation arises, we would want our agenda- for women and youth- to be fulfilled in any such dispensation.”

The hint on Gandhi as CM candidate was given during an event, where she was presenting the youth manifesto. It was titled Bharti Vidhan and promises 20 lakh job opportunities for the youth in the state. In the total number of promised job creation, eight lakh will be reserved for women.

Gandhi said, “The youth of UP have lost faith in government’s guarantees of providing jobs. We will address their concerns and restore faith by offering solutions. We want to work for the people.”

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