Supreme Court Against The Plea To Censor Kangana Ranaut’s Social Media Posts

Censor Kangana Ranaut's Social Media Posts, Kangana Ranaut Farmers' Protest Case, How is on labelled 'Bad Beti'?
Supreme Court has cleared its say on the plea to censor Kangana Ranaut’s social media posts and refused to take any such actions. The petitioner in the case had questioned the actor’s Instagram post on farmer’s protest that called the Sikh protesters ‘Khalistani terrorists’.

The petitioner, Chanderjit Singh Chanderpal, said that one of Kangana Ranaut’s post on farmer’s protests favoured the killing of innocent Sikhs and hence, her social media post should be censored. The plea also asked for transferring all the FIR’s, registered under the name of the actor in the country, to Mumbai’s Khar Police Station, to submit all charge sheets in six months and to complete the trial in two years.

Supreme Court’s Say On The Plea To Censor Kangana Ranaut’s Social Media Posts

The bench, led by Justices Bela M Trivedi and DY Chandrachud, said that censoring Kangana Ranaut’s social media was of no use as there are already cases pending against her in various parts of the country. On the clubbing of FIR’s, the court said that it could be only done when the accused himself/herself approaches the court regarding the same and not by any third party.

The petitioner said that the farmer’s protest was a general issue and there was nothing Khalistani about it. Therefore, the actor’s post provoked racial discrimination and religious hatred. It also triggered offensive and hateful arguments on social media and could even lead to riots.

To this, DY Chandrachud told the petitioner not to read out the actor’s statement as it would publicise it more which will be a disservice to their own cause. He also said that the petitioner has also filed a case against Kangana Ranaut and hence, he can seek other legal remedies available as per his wish.

The petitioner said that her ‘Khalistani’ post showed Sikhs in a wrong light and is the reason why people can’t distinguish between the two. To this, Justice Chandrachud said that it is hard to believe that ordinary people find it hard to distinguish the fact.

Plea to censor Kangana Ranaut’s social media post came because of a comment made by the actor on Instagram. “Sikh farmers were Khalistani terrorists, upholds the genocide of 1984, means that Sikhs should be treated as a lower race like unwanted mosquitoes and they need a Guru like Mrs Indira Gandhi when the eternal Guru of the Sikhs is Guru Granth Sahib jee,” she wrote.

The petitioner called Kangana Ranaut’s post as hurtful, defamatory and “against the unity of the country”.

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