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Different Types Of Breast Secretions And What They Mean

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Often women are uncomfortable talking about their body and voicing their doubts about it. This reluctance comes from the taboo around talking about reproductive health and intimate issues. The idea of visiting a gynaecologist or getting regular check-ups is only considered important at the time of pregnancy. So, here we talk about different types of Breast Secretions and break some myths with gynaecologists and obstetricians Dr Nina Mansukhani.

Dr Mansukhani in a video for SheThePeople shares that since humans are mammals, it is quite natural for us to produce milk to nurture the young. But at the same time, it is important to understand the different secretions from the breast and understand what is harmful and what is not. Further, we should remember that breast secretions can occur at other times too, i.e., when a woman is not breastfeeding.

Dr Nina Mansukhani explains the different types of secretion and why it may happen:

– Sometimes, milk secretions occurs from the breast at times other than breastfeeding, this could happen in conditions like, Hypothyroidism or if you are taking certain medications like anti-depressants, antacids and the pill.

– It could also happen because of extreme stress or scars on the chest area.

– The other reason can be because of a tumour in the pituitary gland in the brain. This needs attention. 

– Secretions other than milk, like, clear watery fluid or greenish fluid may be present when the duct has undergone a change called duct ectasia, which is a non-cancerous breast condition where the milk duct in the breast widens and its walls thicken.

– It could also happen if there are some other conditions like Papillomas. Sometimes you have red discharge or reddish water discharge, this could happen also in presence of duct papillomas and sometimes it could happen when there are malignancies, so, it needs to be shown to a doctor.

– The presence of pus through the milk pores is pathognomonic of an abscess in the breast and needs to be shown as well.

You can watch the detailed video here:

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