Pushpa Actor Anasuya Fires Hit Back At Trolls Shaming Her For Her Age

pushpa actor anasuya ,Female Cast Of Vakeel Saab
Pushpa actor Anasuya held an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on her Instagram where she was age-shamed by a follower. The actor replied to the person with her quick wit.

Anasuya Bharadwaj has been highly appreciated for her role in the film. She was seen in the character of arrogant and proud Dakshayani in the film.

Recently, the actor held an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Instagram where she answered questions from her fans and followers. One of her followers asked her a question while age-shaming the actor on the session, “How should I call you? Aunty or akka?”

Pushpa actor Anasuya Bharadwaj slams ageist trolls

The Pushpa actor replied cleverly slamming the age-shaming troll, “None. You don’t know me well to call either..” Anusaya Bharadwaj also called out the person for being ageist as he commented on her age, “calling these names will only make one doubt your upbringing as it is considered age-shaming..” she further said.

Akka is the Tamil word for elder sister. Both Akka and Aunty are used to denote elder women.

Another user disapproved of Bharadwaj’s reply saying, “Calling someone akka is not age shaming…” To this, the actor pointed out that the intention of the person matters. “May be.. but the intention here matters.. and I am sure you very well know what I meant..” She wrote.

This is not the first time that a female actor has been trolled for doing things that are ‘not meant for their age’ as they do not fit into the societal definitions of ‘desirable women’. While those who fit into the societal expectations of desirable are sexualised and objectified.

Earlier, actor Sameera Reddy had been trolled many times on social media for her stretch marks and white hair which are merely signs of ageing. The actor slammed all these trolls as she keeps breaking the stereotypes around ageing and body positivity with her social media content.